perth wildcats

Derek Cooke Jr – Import Report

With the signing of Derek Cooke Jr., the Perth Wildcats have again used the 3rd import spot to sign a big-man. Last season it was Jameel McKay, and although there are similarities between the two,…

Wildcats vs Taipans Game 1 – What You Missed

If you missed the Wildcats trounce the Taipans, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick recap of what you missed from a super impressive Perth Wildcats performance. Perth showed their hand early by…

Wildcats Offensive and Defensive Ratings

Season 2016/17 Stats courtesy of Spatial Jam Offensive Rating Points scored per 100 possessions Team Offensive Rating – 112  Defensive Rating Points allowed per 100 possessions Team Defensive Rating – 110 Net Rating    

UPDATE: Wildcats NBL Finals Scenario

We’re two games into a crazy final round, and it’s already become harder for the Wildcats to qualify. With both the Cairns Taipans and the New Zealand Breakers winning their games, it’s looking like the…

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