Wildcats Offensive and Defensive Ratings

net ratings

Season 2016/17

Stats courtesy of Spatial Jam

Offensive Rating

Points scored per 100 possessions

Team Offensive Rating – 112 

Angus Brandt116
Bryce Cotton115
Jesse Wagstaff113
Damian Martin113
Dexter Kernich-Drew113
Casey Prather112
Jameel McKay112
Greg Hire111
Jaron Johnson111
Matty Knight110
Shawn Redhage110
Jarrod Kenny109

Defensive Rating

Points allowed per 100 possessions

Team Defensive Rating – 110

Greg Hire103
Jesse Wagstaff106
Bryce Cotton107
Jarrod Kenny108
Damian Martin109
Jameel McKay109
Casey Prather110
Dexter Kernich-Drew111
Matty Knight112
Shawn Redhage112
Jaron Johnson116
Angus Brandt116

Net Rating


 O RatingD RatingNet Rating
Jaron Johnson111116-5
Matty Knight110112-2
Shawn Redhage110112-2
Angus Brandt1161160
Jarrod Kenny1091081
Dexter Kernich-Drew1131112
Casey Prather1121102
Jameel McKay1121093
Damian Martin1131094
Jesse Wagstaff1131067
Bryce Cotton1151078
Greg Hire1111038


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