UPDATE: Wildcats NBL Finals Scenario

NBL finals

We’re two games into a crazy final round, and it’s already become harder for the Wildcats to qualify.

With both the Cairns Taipans and the New Zealand Breakers winning their games, it’s looking like the Wildcats need to win both the remaining games to qualify. Prior to the Round we identified two doomsday scenarios that would leave the Wildcats vulnerable. Two games in and both are still in play.

Here’s a quick breakdown

So here’s what hasn’t changed:

Perth wins two games = Qualify for Finals

Perth loses two games = Missing Finals

What if the Wildcats lose to Sydney but defeat Melbourne?

Losing to the Kings would leave Perth on the edge of missing the Finals, regardless of the result against United.

In this case, the ‘Cats would need Illawarra and Cairns to lose their respective games. Either of those teams winning would mean elimination for the Wildcats

Considering the Hawks are heavy favourites, this is a long shot.

In short, we need to beat Sydney!

What if the Wildcats defeat Sydney but lose to United

In this case, Perth will still be relying on the Bullets downing the Hawks to stave off elimination. If Illawarra loses, the Wildcats just scrape into the playoffs.

If Illawara wins, we’re out!

In both scenarios for Perth to qualify by winning just one game this round will require the Illawarra Hawks to lose.

The New Zealand Breakers beating Melbourne United was the worst possible outcome for the ‘Cats. However, destiny is still in their hands. Win two games of basketball over the weekend and you survive another week.

Quick Recap

Perth defeats Sydney but lose to Melbourne = Need Illawarra to lose

Perth loses to Sydney but defeat Melbourne = Need both Illawarra and Cairns to lose

Perth wins both games = Finals qualification 

Perth loses both games = Miss Finals 

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